A Truly Independent Awards

  • The Digital Transformation Awards judges are appointed based on their extensive experience in business management/IT/digital transformation. These seasoned professionals, all of who, currently hold senior management roles, guarantee that each entry is judged fairly and accurately.

  • To ensure complete impartiality, all entries are judged anonymously with company and/or individual names, products, or references to any identifiable solution and/or service being removed before being distributed to the judges.

  • This stringent process means that each winner of an award has done so based purely on merit. So, regardless of company size, budget, customer base, market share, influence, vendor, academic, end user, consultant or otherwise; The Digital Transformation Awards truly is an independent awards programme that recognises and rewards outstanding achievement.

  • Application Criteria

  • You are a head, director or ‘C’ level executive
  • You are not a judge for any other related awards programme
  • Your company is a household name or has at least 500+ employees
  • You are willing to present an award/s at the gala dinner
  • Your business is classed as an 'end-user' organisation i.e. you do not provide services, software or solutions, to this sector
  • Once you have filled out the form and submitted your bio and high-resolution image your application will be considered. If successful, a mutual agreement will be forwarded for you to approve that will include our commitment to you and vice-versa.

    We would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a judge.

    What happens if I’m appointed as a judge?

  • Once your application has been confirmed and the judging process commences you will receive redacted entries to judge and mark according to your assigned category. You will have a week in which to assess these and return them.
  • Judging Day

  • All judges are required to attend the ‘Judging Day’ which is a in-person physical event that takes place in a Central London location from 10am-4pm. It involves judges getting together to discuss the winning projects from the shortlisted entries. The discussions will be led by the Chair of the judges, and all judges must unanimously decide which entry is the winning project.

  • All lunch, refreshments and beverages will be provided throughout the day.