Category Sponsorship Package – £15,450

 Category & Trophy
The category and the trophy will carry the sponsor’s name e.g. *Company Name* – Best Agile Project

 Sponsor Profile Page
This is a dedicated landing page that includes the sponsor’s logo, description (up to 300 words), and contact details.

 Slide Show Sponsor
The awards are split into two halves with the main meal of the evening lasting approximately 1.5 hours. A looping slide show of up to 10 minutes can be played on the main screens during this period. This will be played a minimum of 4 times during the meal.

All e-shots regarding the awards will contain the sponsor’s logo with a link to the sponsor’s profile page. Each e-shot has a reach of over 14,000 IT professionals.

 Awards Dinner Programme
The sponsor’s profile and contact details will be on the dinner programme (up to 30 words).

The sponsor’s logo will appear on all marketing collateral for the event.

A representative of your organisation will be on stage to present the award that you sponsor – your company logo will appear when this takes place on the screens and your representative will be officially photographed presenting your sponsored award.

 A Table
The sponsor will receive a Standard Table to seat 10 persons. This is an ideal opportunity to invite clients and reward team members for their hard work.

Unlimited and unrestricted access to all official Awards photography.

Receive five entries into the Awards to distribute to your customers (please note these entries must be used by ‘end user’ organisations).

All prices are subject to applicable VAT

For further information on any of the sponsorship opportunities or to understand more about becoming involved in The Digital Transformation Awards, please contact:

Grant Farrell
+44 (0) 203 931 5827