Ekambar Kumar Singirikonda (Kumar)

Director – DevOps Engineering

Toyota Financial Services

Bio: Kumar Singirikonda is an accomplished professional in the field of DevOps, known for his remarkable achievements and exceptional leadership. As the Director of DevOps Engineering at Toyota North America, Kumar has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead high-performance teams and drive transformative change within organizations.

Throughout his career, Kumar has spearheaded the implementation of cutting-edge automation solutions, revolutionizing the way businesses operate. His expertise in DevOps engineering, cloud engineering, Edge compute engineering, and system performance analysis, has solidified his position as a trusted authority in the industry.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field, Kumar has been honored with multiple awards, including the prestigious Inspirational DevOps Leadership Team Award and Quality Excellence Award. His thought leadership is further evident in his published works, such as “Customer Satisfaction Vs Customer Experience in the Digital Age”, “Emerging Patterns in Development Operations,” and “Ensuring Compliance and Governance in Cloud-Based DevOps Practices”. These publications offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of DevOps, demonstrating Kumar’s commitment to advancing the field and sharing his expertise.

Kumar’s upcoming book, “DevOps Automation Cookbook,” is a comprehensive guide with over 100 automation recipes, demonstrating his commitment to sharing best practices and insights.

Adding to his illustrious career, Kumar serves as an advisory board member at The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. In this role, he has provided invaluable insights and feedback on courses, enriching the educational experience for both students and the wider business community. Kumar’s dedication to mentorship and guidance extends well beyond the confines of the classroom, as evidenced by his active engagement with faculty and students through classroom visits, forums, and conferences.

Kumar not only excels in his professional pursuits but also plays a pivotal role as a Board of Director for Gift Of Adoption Funds. Gift of Adoption’s mission is to offer grants that facilitate the adoption of children facing vulnerable circumstances, thereby affording them the opportunity to find permanent families and thrive. Remarkably, every dollar raised goes toward reuniting children with their forever families in Texas.

Furthermore, in 2022, Kumar contributed his expertise as an advisory panel member at the University of Houston’s Bauer Business College. In this capacity, he offered invaluable insights and feedback on courses, enriching the program’s educational value for both students and the broader business community. Kumar’s commitment to mentorship and guidance extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his active engagement with faculty and students through classroom visits, forums, and conferences.

Residing in Irving, Texas, Kumar finds joy in his family life while also making significant contributions to the DevOps community. He dedicates time to mentoring aspiring professionals, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced world of DevOps.Beyond his professional achievements, Kumar finds fulfillment in his family life, drawing inspiration and balance from his loved ones. His relentless commitment to excellence and his passion for empowering others make him an invaluable contributor to the DevOps community and a respected member of society.