Darren Griggs

Director Of Engineering

Vanquis Bank

Bio: Darren’s 36 year career has constantly been at the heart of latest technology. Starting his career as a software developer in the days when you sat with the business, having full knowledge of business process and how this achieves customer satisfaction, developing code immediately on the back of business needs, testing and deploying on the same day. Sounds familiar, this is how banks worked in the 80’s. Darren moved away from development as the financial services industry reacted to regulatory requirements creating controls which resulted in software delivery becoming an abstract from business and customer needs. Darren has been an evangelist since a chance meeting with Gene Kim a decade ago and has been on a quest to introduce ways of working which result in the experience he had as a young developer. Job satisfaction in creating beautiful customer experiences with absolute context of business, product and customer. Creating an environment of creativity which fosters innovation.

Darren has recently started a new quest in Vanquis Bank to achieve that very outcome, an organisation serving those that create beautiful customer experiences from a blank canvas.